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Minus Forty careers. Come grow with us.

If your dream company is one where employees are treated like they’re part of the family, consider working at Minus Forty. We’re an award-winning manufacturer of high-quality refrigeration products that has grown steadily since our founding more than 25 years ago.  We’re leaders in our industry and proud to offer a state-of-the-art workplace that’s currently expanding to meet the growing demand for our products.

Minus Forty encourages employees to add to their competencies by attending classes and workshops and even trying new things at work to develop new skills. Helping employees advance in their career is a big motivator for our President, Debra McCullagh, who mentors employees and encourages them to reach for goals they might never knew they had. “I get motivated when I help others who want to achieve their potential. I like to take a person who may have doubts about how far they can go and push them to grow, question themselves and become successful.” One example of this is an employee who was a great assembler on the factory floor. McCullagh said the employee stood out for her strong work ethic and natural talent for organization and today the same employee does the accounting in the front office – a great example of how Minus Forty helps nurture someone who exhibits talent and drive. At Minus Forty, our offices are filled with employees who started on the factory floor and took advantage of Minus Forty’s many professional development opportunities to grow their careers with us.

Minus Forty’s team members find it to be a supportive environment where they are recognized and promoted for work well done and a positive attitude. Minus Forty is a great stepping stone for Canadians whether they’re looking for their first job or a retirement plan and everything in between. We’re a great option not just for young people looking for their first full-time position, but new Canadians who wish to get a foothold in the workplace and gain experience in a dynamic and diverse company.  Minus Forty welcomes recent immigrants to Canada with open arms. We know that you can prove yourself to us while earning a good wage, and we hope to encourage many new Canadians to become part of our true Canadian success story.

At Minus Forty, employees feel they are a valued member of a close-knit company, where an open-door policy allows them to have a say and suggest improvements at any time. The collaborative nature has helped build a solid culture that celebrates achievements, rewards staff and creates a cohesive workplace that is affirming and supportive of everyone. For that reason, Minus Forty hosts regular social events where all employees mix and mingle and get to know one another better.

The 2018 Global Talent Trends study found that 51% of employees wish their company offered more flexible work options. Companies that offer flexible schedules and work-life balance are known to have employees with less workplace stress, stronger mental well-being and are more productive. We see this in our employees everyday. Our employees are happy and healthy from having a four-day work week, comprehensive benefits, and a great starting wage. Our employees also work with purpose in a professional and respectful culture where there’s lots of opportunity for growth and advancement.

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