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For over 30 years, the Minus Forty® brand has been synonymous with reliability and superior performance, manufacturing high-quality commercial refrigerated merchandising solutions that surpass industry standards.

Minus Forty built its reputation on one of life’s sweetest treats, creating display freezers for the ice cream industry that were known for their low-temperature stability, outstanding reliability and innovative features. By the early 2000s, Minus Forty had diversified into manufacturing a wide range of state-of-the-art refrigerated merchandisers for selling refrigerated and frozen products. Being a comprehensive manufacturer, Minus Forty is a significantly vertically structured organization with skill sets focused in Engineering, Manufacturing, Sales & Marketing, Logistics & Distribution. The engineering team designs and develops all Minus Forty products in house and brings customers the benefits of over 125 years of experience in refrigeration.

Serving diverse industries including convenience stores, retail food markets, pet stores, pharmacies and vending, Minus Forty’s innovative commercial-grade products include advanced features such as high intensity LED lighting, electronic digital control and temperature display, the integrated Smartlock health timer, fully automatic frost-free operation, eco-friendly R290 natural refrigerant, a low-maintenance condenser, and much more.

Recognized for its contribution to advancements in refrigeration technology, Minus Forty prides itself on its reputation for manufacturing reliable, stable products that outperform other brands, giving you peace of mind and a lower total cost of ownership. Minus Forty goes above and beyond, partnering with customers to create the best merchandising solutions for their needs.

If your business wants to make the best possible investment to sell more frozen and refrigerated products, give Minus Forty a call.

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